Bota Box

Adventure Aficionados

A campaign and one-day Adventure Summit with six other bloggers and social media influencers to create high-quality visuals and community engagement.

At the start of 2015, I was approached by an agency to be involved in a campaign as an ‘Adventure Aficionado’ for Bota Box — the adventurous and eco-friendly boxed wine company. Bota Box was looking for a total of fifteen images that captured the essence of the Bota Box brand and what it means to be an ‘Adventure Aficionado’ — to be posted on Instagram on my account and through a takeover.

The campaign also involved a one-day Adventure Summit in Big Sur, California with the Bota Box family and the other Adventure Aficionados — a group of six other photographers, bloggers and social media influencers.

6 Photographers, Bloggers & Influencers

Total of 15 photos | 8 posted + 7 on Takeover

Over 3,000 units of engagement

1 day full of visually-stunning adventure in Big Sur, CA


The Ideas & Solution for Bota Box

I focused my stories on Instagram to feel as if the viewer was travelling with me to locations around Maui, Big Sur and San Francisco. The visuals were created to help bring the viewer into the scene and subsequently the adventure.

The client was provided with high engagement social media posts and a takeover series on their Instagram account.


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