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An interactive art installation on store windows resulting in cathartic experiences and people sharing powerful stories of bullying from all perspectives.

In 2013, I launched the #EraseBullying Campaign for The One Project in partnership with LUSH Cosmetics across their stores in North America. We engaged the public with an interactive art installation on store windows and as a result people shared powerful stories of bullying from all perspectives — making it a favourite among LUSH customers and employees.

The campaign ran for two weeks during back-to-school receiving print, TV, and digital media coverage.

In almost 200 stores across North America

2 weeks full of powerful stories and experiences

A staff favourite and one of LUSH’s most successful ethical campaigns

Print, TV, and digital media coverage

Watch The Story That Inspired The #EraseBullying Concept

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The Ideas & Solution for LUSH

#EraseBullying was a concept I had been working on for quite some time and after being introduced to Tricia at LUSH, it seemed to be a perfect fit. I was working on finding the right platform to launch this and LUSH was in the midst of developing an anti-bullying ethical campaign, while thinking of working with a local artist.

I worked with the LUSH design and marketing teams to adapt the campaign to their store windows and be executed as an ethical campaign by their stores.

It was the first campaign to be unanimously voted through by their management team and proved to be one of their most successful campaigns becoming a favourite among staff and customers.

Now, the #EraseBullying campaign will soon be continued on as an initiative by The One Project.


  • Tricia Stevens
    Tricia Stevens
    “Bryce’s insight and ability to develop inspiring campaigns that engage people on a deep level is truly a gift. We worked with Bryce in 2013 on our anti-bullying ethical campaign and his Erase Bullying concept proved to be one of our most memorable and powerful campaigns. The core of his work contains so much foresight into people allowing them to better themselves and create a better world around them. At LUSH, we believe in meaning beyond marketing and if you look through the related posts and stories submitted by our customers across North America you will understand the meaning instilled in Bryce’s work.”

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