Bryce Evans

An award-winning photographer, artist and marketing consultant discovering the art of life.

Discovering the art of life through photography, creative projects & social change.

Bryce is an award-winning photographer, artist and marketing consultant discovering the art of life. He has built a community over 50,000, worked with top international brands and exhibited his artwork internationally — all to help inspire and share valuable insights.


Award-Winning Visuals

I am an award-winning freelance artist specializing in using photography to create community, conversation, and user engagement. My photography and artwork has been exhibited in Italy, at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Calgary, on 300 Pattison Onestop screens in 42 malls across Canada and in almost 200 LUSH stores across North America.

Bota Box Adventure Aficionados Instagram Campaign

Creative Projects

I have a passion for building brands, creating campaigns and developing engaged communities that help create a positive impact in the world. When consulting I utilize my experience creating high-quality visual and written content, websites and integrated marketing strategies to achieve and exceed your goals towards better business and a better world.


Inspiration & Insights

I strive to share inspiration and insights in everything I do — whether writing blog posts, sharing stories on Instagram or giving a speech. With honest and personal storytelling, I hope to help people through their darkest points towards their most authentic self. I believe you are the most important project of your life. Let’s work on it!

High Quality Images

Travel & Lifestyle

Bryce specializes in capturing people within their environment.
The connection between the landscape and human condition,
glimpses into the journey and adventures

Whether showcasing the vast beauty of a landscape, the adventures that can take place within it, or the culture that inhabits it — these photographs help to develop a connection between the viewer and place.

  • BE6623-GlacialGaribaldi-GaribaldiLake-Canada
  • BE0887-BurningSunset-Haleakala-USA
  • BE7002-StillTurquoise-JoffreLakes-Canada
  • BE01736-ANaturalReflection-BrohmLake-Canada
  • BE1130520-SailingToTheEdge-Honolulu-USA
  • BE1230186-RiseAboveTheTrees-VancouverToSeattle-Canada
  • BE03490-AboveThePyramids-Teotihuacan-Mexico
  • BE00764-PeaksAndWaves-PfeifferBeach-USA
  • BE1240102-ATruePerugiaMoment-Perugia-Italy
  • BE2842-ReflectingPfeiffer-PfeifferBeach-USA
  • BE01781-SunsetWalk-SpanishBanks-Canada
  • BE1941-Whiteout-ClevelandDam-Canada
  • BE1220441-HikingTrio-WhistlerBlackcomb-Canada
  • BE0132-ABirdAndTree-Maui-USA
  • BE00554-CoastalCliffs-California-USA
  • BE1240097-RainOverPerugia-Perugia-Italy
  • BE1240396-ItalyBlue-Perugia-Italy
  • BE01716-RiverMountainsToSky-TantalusLookout-Canada
  • BE1240429-LayersOfSun-Perugia-Italy

Projects With A Positive Impact

With Bryce’s unique blend of marketing experience, photographic style and ability to tell stories that move people — his projects exceed expectations and deliver high-quality results. View his featured projects below.

Trusted by Top Brands

Happy Clients

  • Tricia Stevens
    Tricia Stevens
    “Bryce’s insight and ability to develop inspiring campaigns that engage people on a deep level is truly a gift. We worked with Bryce in 2013 on our anti-bullying ethical campaign and his Erase Bullying concept proved to be one of our most memorable and powerful campaigns. The core of his work contains so much foresight into people allowing them to better themselves and create a better world around them. At LUSH, we believe in meaning beyond marketing and if you look through the related posts and stories submitted by our customers across North America you will understand the meaning instilled in Bryce’s work.”
  • Judy Weiser
    Judy Weiser
    "Bryce did an excellent job rebranding and updating my website — not only in terms of appearance, but also in the way that he organized the content into a much more user-friendly experience, without sacrificing the important text passages! With his unique combination of marketing experience and excellent knowledge of how to expand opportunities through social media, Bryce managed to open up my website to younger readers and attract new business to my teaching/training events while maintaining usability for those less familiar with the online experience. My website has now taken off into numerous new directions without losing any of the content or cohesiveness that I demanded! I will definitely work with Bryce again in the future."
  •  Jessica Wangsness
    Jessica Wangsness
    "Bryce is an absolute delight to work with! When I managed social media strategy for Nature Valley, Bryce reached out to me with a creative, engaging idea for an Instagram campaign and partnership: 4 Instagram influencers; 4 different trails around Vancouver, BC, Canada; over the course of 4 weekends. The quality of the content was sublime - so sublime, in fact, that I asked Bryce to contribute content for the brand's social media channels on a monthly basis. His ideas are creative, comprehensive and always on-brand. I would love to work with him again in the future."
  • Johnna Rossbach
    Johnna Rossbach
    Bryce is true creative partner! I worked with Bryce on behalf of Bota Box wine and he went above and beyond to promote our program through beautifully crafted content. His authenticity and growing social following is a great asset for any brand looking for influential and unique content partners.

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